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Are you looking for stunning prints of the Idaho landscape? Do you want to capture the essence of your home or your favorite downtown building in a photograph? Do you want to memorialize a special occasion with portrait photography? Turn to Christina Warren of Awe and Wonder Studios.

Boise, ID is filled with beautiful sights and places to shoot. When you work with Christina, you can be sure she'll find the natural beauty in the architecture, the slopes of your family farm or the smile of your baby.

Reach out to Awe and Wonder Studios right now to set up a photo shoot or inquire about our prints.

A lifetime of passion for photography

Since Christina Warren of Awe and Wonder Studios was in high school, she's had a love for photography. She took a film class, and that's all she wrote.

"I fell in love with it," says Christina. "I would spend lunch breaks in the film developing lab. I really loved being able to capture my perspective and what I found to be beautiful around me. I'm a Christian, and I love being able to capture the beauty and wonder of God's Creation."

Christina likes to describe her photography in three words:

  • Colorful
  • Natural
  • Majestic

If you're looking for a portrait photographer or a photographer who'll take landscape pictures of your favorite spots, reach out to Christina today.

Get to know Christina

Christina of Awe and Wonder Studios has over 15 years of experience with photography. Christina is a multi-faceted and multi-talented photographer, and she truly:

  • Loves being outdoors, going on adventures and capturing the beauty of Creation around her
  • Excels at catching lightening in a bottle, capturing those special fleeting moments
  • Finds joy in photography, especially when she captures genuine interactions and the love of other people
  • Gets excited about the beauty of architecture and capturing the feeling of "being home"

Call 208-270-6401 right now to set up a photoshoot with Christina.

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